Top List Of DIY LED Grow Lights Projects

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Some of you may has known the LED Grow Lights. Now, we can grow plants in the basement, even in the kitchen in your own home at anytime with LED grow lights. Even more, How about the PFC(Personal Food Computer)?

We can help to develop the Plant in the Space! There are various types of LED grow lights which can be purchased in the market, the prices are from $3 to $1000. If you got no help with the products and products, we can build the LED grow lights by learning others' projects. One day, you can harvested in your home.

Here are the list of DIY LED grow lights projects. You can choose the one you like for your plant growing needs. Follow the instructions, let us get growing today.

 1 LED Grow Light Panel

This LED Grow  Light Panel is 108 wattage, made by GoonyLex.  This product has a long life span up to 50K hours and precise spectrum for photosynthesis. You need to buy the LED chips, heat sink, LED drivers. It is easy to bulid with the step-by-step instructions. Link. LED Grow Light Panel

2 Grow Light Log

A LED Grow Light with more than 25K lumens output while speding less than $300!  The construction is simple, and you can learn how to LED, drivers, building of materials and construction. Link. High-power LED grow light – a build log 

3 Building my own LED 5 band grow light

Maker truly understands which wavelength ate by the Plant cell.These instructions with pictures will help you build an overhead panel quickly and inexpensively. Grow Lights are not an easy project if you do not the wavelength. Link.

4 Plant Grow Lights

This project is from 420magazine. Most of us know what is going on about 420magazine.  From the original design to final products, you can learn the Grow Light production process. But final question, due to the different charter of plants, the lights matter for your plants. Link. Plant-Grow-Lights

5 Marijuana Grow Lights

What if growing medical marijuana with LED Grow Light? How about the Green Light? So what is the best ratio of colored LED? Don't know. Gotta experiment. Different plants, different results. This detailed building LED lighting guide will enable you to build a LED grow light panel as big or as small as you need for growing your own medical marijuana.Link.

6 DIY LED Grow Light

This is the most DIY LED Grow Light I like!! There are  2 parts in this DIY LED Grow Light  post. One is about  "WHY", another is about "HOW"! Form the plants to lights, we can go deeper. Another question is about the price, but it told us we should know the the costs including the searching, labor and so on. Please note that when we build something, they are part of us. Link.
DIY-LED-Grow-Light-front LED-lighting-design

7 DIY LED with COBs - small medium and large grows

You can get up to 49% efficiency if you can find the top bin and run them soft.  With the CREE COBS LED, it is better to build a lamp and it works fine on its own, better than HPS. Link.

8 High Powered LED

Be safe to this project! You really shouldn't be attempting this unless you have a sound knowledge of electronics and have experience working with mains electricity. You can learn from theory to final product.  This DIY LED grow light solution makes the best use of a small space by having everything tucked inside a large tote tub. The plants of choice are planted inside the tote tub and the LED grow lights are installed in the lid of the tote tub. Link.

9 CXA3070 COBs and CPU Coolers

It is high cost DIY Grow Light Project, total $599! You can find the detail BOM in the link, from thermal Adhesive, Connector to Driver, LED. Also, you can learn to set up the right current, voltage to LED. That is a very good project except that the high cost. Link. DIY LED Grow Lights with CREE

10 Individual Plant Lights

When an entire room filled with LED lighting is far too much and you just need a few grow lamps to enable individual plants to grow, this is an inexpensive and easy lighting build. Individual plant lamps will let you grow healthy and hardy plants from seeds to maturity.

11 PFC

MIT is great place! The PFC is personal food computer. WOW, in the future, we can have food computer in our home. The PFC is a term for an agricultural technology platform that creates a controlled environments using robotic control systems and sensing mechanisms,help growing. It sound CRAZY!
 Hey, Let us get some fun!

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