I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.

About Me

Once upon a time, one Miami Business man talked with me, why not develop your own business?

As a safety lighting engineer, I have sound knowledge of the LED light. But I have not guts and fear the failure.

As I am fed up with the work in the COMPANY. And I am upset the current Grow Light products in the market. 

I hope to own my small business, if you want to be a partner with me, email me.

See below pictures from the net.

  • LED Grow Light Bulb


  • LED Potable Grow Light


  • LED Grow Light


  • LED Strip


  •  LED Grow Light Stand


  • LED accessories


So I would like to DIY Grow Light, and share with you. If you are interesting in build your own LED Grow Light/ side project, some kits are free to you, buy you have to share your experience.

Now I am learning more.

How The Economic Machine Works


How did Wikipedia Articles Rise up?

wikipedia articles

(Form Wikipedia)

Your first 100-1000 users?

From Rick Fritzler Answer On Quora(Link).

Give them more than users expect, exchange in Abundance. Your business can not come-on or spoofs. If you have a solid core business that is market worthy then will find real clients who will pay you what you are worth.

Hope you enjoy!