Become A Partner

WE focuses on providing high quality LED product and solution for global market. We have won greatly positive responses from direct users whom we really appreciate in the past years. Igrowlightkit is getting influential gradually, for the purpose of providing more efficient service and faster shipping to customers, we start look for partners who are willing to distribute products in Europe / Oceania/North America markets. 

We hope you:

● We believe that customer, technology and quality are the most important points, we would like to distinguish OURS with other products by perfect performance but not by lower price. 

● Be qualified as a distributor/partner in your region, with excellent reputation and abundant customer resources. 

● Have strong power and ability to develop new markets. 

We promise: 

● Share rational and attractive margin between us. 

● Provide highly effective service to help you to maintain and develop customers. 

● Be willing to adjust product structure to assist special requirement for different markets. 

If you are interested in joining us, striving for opportunities, and sharing our achievements together, please contact us –