Build A 100W LED Grow Light At Home

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We are knowing some products, but there are good products and bad ones. But it might takes lots time to get the right products. 

Open the We are getting confused. Lots of produts, lot of price, lots of comments, someones said good, some said bad. 

We are around lots of products, but no one can tell us why and how to. 

Let us get some fun! DIY!

We can find others' project in the youtube. Now let us watch the video one by one.

1, DIY 100W 7-Band Multi-spectrum LED Growlight - Jim Conner


2 , Testing: 100 W LED Grow Light Chip 8000 Lumen Full Spectrum - MalNichtEgal

3  100W DIY LED grow light PAR spectrum - Afterwork Projects


After watching the above video, it is so simple, just LED driver, LED Chip, heatsink, even more controller. Then we can get what we want.

Is this right?

Okay, We are trying to do the similar thing.

Before we are building the 100 W LED Growlight. We are trying the 20 Wattage first.

20 Wattage LED Grow Light

Here is the video:

Let us light the LED Grow Light on! That is cool!

The 20 Wattage heat sink part from YouTube.

We are buying a 30 Wattage LED driver to connect the LED Grow Light.

100 Wattage LED Grow Light


After the 20 Wattage LED grow lights with DC Power Supply, we are starting to 100 W LED grow light. Seems easy, err.

Now let us do it by ourself.

Driver Part.

We choose the below LED driver, due to it is world-class brand. MeanWell from taiwan.

It is really expensive compare to others' brand. Its HF really good. When connecting to LED, it is more than 0.95 @ 120Vac. 


LED Part:

The 100 W Grow light LED Chip bought from the About $15. Input rating is 22 -24 Vdc, 3 A. Mean Well Datasheet here.

Heat Sink Part:

That is cool heatsink.

Say story.

It does not work. Why? Confused for the matching. We try to adjust the output voltage.

YouTube Video:


Checking the DOE docments of LED products.


Yes it is so easy thing, You can try it at home.

But if just like this, can we run a small business for this?


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