$10 Bad LED Grow Light Bulb Tear Down

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Now we are going to tear down a cheap LED grow light. What is inside the LED bulb? What is the difference between the normal LED light bulb and LED grow light bulb?

Remove the diffuser, you can see the LED chip. There are 9 LED chips on the board. 7 chips are red LED, 2 chips are blue LED.

remove the diffuser

When I turn on this LED grow light bulb, and turn it off. you can the chips look like following photo.  If you are careful, you will question why is no screws on the LED board, how to fix the LED board to the heat sink?

LED Chip

Some of you may note there are some white thermal conductive adhesive near the hole. Yes, the back side of LED board are adhered to adhesive. Is this safe? 

One more thing is LED package! Compare the LED bulb's LED, This LED looks not good for efficiency?

LED module 1:

LED Module

LED module 2:

LED Module

Next we are going to remove the plastic housing. From the side view of the heat sink, you can see lots slots. There are output wires of LED driver. Since the hear sink is to sharp, there is not another protection on the output wires.

Remove the housing

We can find the driver inside the housing, warped by heat shrink tube. Due to the small size of the LED driver, the driver is mounted on the plastic housing by glue. Same question, is this okay?

LED Driver

As we know, the driver is the key component of any LED product. The life of LED light products is up to the LED driver!

If you read some posts about the LED products failure, the driver failure is top 1.

So do not buy this type of product!

How can we fix this issue? How about DIY a new product? Can I use others' good LED bulb Driver?



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  • thamks your teardown, i am looking for some good LED Grow Lights from China Mainland? please email to me?

    Frederick on

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