LED Ceiling Light Teardown

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LED ceiling light,Φ500, white color, UGR<25, CCT: 3000K, CRI>80, 35 W

LED ceiling light Accessories, 

2 x M4.2x38 tapping screws;

6(D500) or 4(D320) x megnet plates;

2 x dowels(D7*35mm);

3 x fiber glass tubes, length 10cm;

1 x mirror plate;

Silcia gel.


LED ceiling lighting spectrum for you reference.


Lighting output SDCM, look quite good. 


Terminal Block 

The terminal block with grounding tab must be from OJun and ENEC certified.


  • type: OJ-831
  • cross sectional area for 0.75-5mm²
  • voltage: 450V
  • Current: 24A
  • Temperature:110

LED ceiling light terminal block front view

LED ceiling light terminal block back view

LED ceiling light terminal block back view

LED ceiling light driver, the primary wires connect to terminal block must be from Yongrui and VDE approved, Type: H03VV-F 3*0.75mm2   Cross-sectional area:75mm2   Voltage:450/750V

 VDE No.: 40021527 for Yongrui


LED ceiling light driver inside view, there is mylar inside, completely wrap the driver.


LED ceiling light driver view, input voltage 220 -240 Vac, output max 33 Vdc, 870 mA, Tc: 65 C, PF > 0.9.


LED ceiling light drive front view

LED ceiling light driver front view

LED ceiling light driver back view

LED ceiling light driver back view

LED Driver Output Wire, the plug and jack from KLDZ with UL Approved, Max Voltage 250 V, Max 3A.  UL file No:  E307817.

LED ceiling light Driver output cord

LED Board,

  • LED manufacturer:Bridgelux
  • LED type number: SMD 2835
  • LED Nos.: 156


  • CRI:>80
  • < 3 SDCM for LED module @ 3000K according to ANSI standard
  • < 6 SDCM for the whole fixture @3000K according to IEC standard


Detail View


LED Chip Close View


The diffuser construction view, 3 part including.