VERO29SE 100W LED Grow Fixture

VERO29SE 100W LED Grow Fixture

  • $310.00

Our complete 2' x 2' grow light comes pre-built with everything needed to light a 2' x 2' grow space. This is the same version as our 2' x 2' kit except it's pre-assembled. Simply take out of the box and hang the light for amazing, full spectrum coverage of a 2' x 2' grow space.

Please allow a 1-2 business day lead-time for pre-built fixtures. Local pick-ups will receive a 10% discount.

Parts used in build:

-2 x Bridgelux VERO29SE Poke-In Top Bin COB
-2 x 140mm pin heatsink
-1 x Meanwell HLG-185H-C1400B
-1 x 2' Canopy Rail with driver bracket, heatsink brackets and stainless steel hangers or Rapid LED Hanging Kit
-2 x ANGELINA Extra Wide Reflector with holder
-2 x SurSeal Thermal Pads
-1 x Cased Potentiometer with Knob
-1 x 10' power cord (US)
-10 feet each of red and black 18 AWG solid core bulk wire

Wattage Draw :100W from LEDs
LEDs :Top Bin VERO29SE Poke In
Driver :Mean Well HLG-185H-C1400B
Coverage Area :~2.5-3 square feet
Dimensions :21.70" X 5.55"
Dimmable :Yes