Single 100W Logic Plug and Play LED Grow Light

  • $195.00

This simple to use 100W grow light comes pre-built with everything needed to light a 2-3 square foot grow space. Simply take out of the box and hang the light for ideal flowering spectrum coverage while maintaining amazing efficacy. Great for supplemental lighting, corner spaces, or small grow spaces. 

Parts used in build:

-1 x ChilLED Logic Puck V2
-1 x ChilLED Logic Puck Thermal Pad
-1 x 160mm pin heatsink
-1 x Meanwell HBG-100-48A or HBG-100-48B driver 
-1 x Universal Wire Connector
-1 x 10' power cord (US)

 Optional Accessories:

-Dimmable option doesn't include a controller, you can find compatible controllers here
-Dimmable with Cased Potentiometer option includes an attached Cased Potentiometer  

Wattage Draw :~100W
LEDs :Samsung LM301B
Driver :Mean Well HBG-100-48A or HBG-100-48B
Flower Coverage Area :~2-3 square feet
Tools Required :None