Led Grow Light Full Spectrum Quantum board (3500K)

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The Lighting 288V3 Full-Spectrum LED Board is an exceptionally power-efficient light source for horticulture applications.


•288pcs Samsung LM301B SK Bin high-quality diodes per Board

3500K Spectrum

•80 CRI

PPFD Testing

( PPFD Testing at different distance(2 ft/ 10 inch)

 PPFD stands for Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density, and is the same as PPF, but takes surface area into account as well. PPFD is measured in micromoles per meter squared, per second (µMol/m2/S). In the world of lumens, PPFD would be most similar to lux or foot-candles: PPFD measures the number of PAR photons hitting a certain area, while lux and foot-candles measure the illuminance of a surface in lumens per square meter or foot. For most indoor growers, PPFD is commonly measured with relatively inexpensive quantum meters like the Apogee . I also buy this one pcs from Apogee. 


Lighting Spectrum 

Power Testing 


Temperature Test

 After 90 mins running, the temp listed below:


 Temp point over the LED chip surface(central) 76.1 C
Temp point between led driver and led surface 58.8 C