60W LED Grow Light Review/Testing

Posted by Waston Chen on

50-USD-LED-Grow-Light-Review Hello, this time, try this LED Grow Light, 60 Wattage. What is spectral output?

 And some of you may read the post like , the best LED Grow Light in 2018/2017, etc. Oh, what the Hell of this list, just lots of similar post, but no use for the end user. I think if it can show us the testing/result, that will be good. In fact, I do not like the post. It does not make sense. 

Before testing, many may have questions like:

  • Are LED Light good for growing plants?
  • Which grow light should I use for growing cannabis?
  • What are the best grow lights?

The application of LED Grow Light has been optimized for a wide range of horticultural crops for photoperiod control, changing plant morphology, and enhancing photosynthesis. Someone may want to make money from this. 

We are testing, coming soon. Hope it works for you, help to identified the right one for you. 

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  • hey Roy, thanks your comment, we are testing the data, will share the testing data this week. of course if it is okay, will be for sale.

    igrowlightkit on
  • Will these lights be for sale in the future? If so what’s the price going to be.

    Roy on

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